Mark Fiorentino

April 5th, 2023


Book: 'Master of Reality'


Fade To Black - Mark Fiorentino - April 5th


Tonight, Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: Author and researcher Mark Fiorentino joins us to share his views on how the universe really works based on his study and research of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory.

Mark Fiorentino is a self-taught Metaphysician who worked in the field of high-tech industry. He worked as an electronic technician at Harris Government Systems, working on a killer satellite missile guidance system and then at IBM as a computer programmer.

At the age of 10, Mark was fascinated by the works of Albert Einstein, and particularly, his quest to construct a Unified Field Theory. 55 years later, his scientific research has completed the Theory, but it has also opened up the door for a few others as well. Conspiracy theories about alien technology, NDE's, and a Theory of Super Relativity, Mark has earned himself the title of "Master of Reality".


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