Mark L. Cowden

September 7th, 2023


Creative Spirit


Fade To Black - Mark L. Cowden - September 7th


Tonight, Thursday on FADE to BLACK: Mark L. Cowden talks creative spirit; art and music, and paranormal force... rock journalism, making movies and writing his book, and developing technology to record paranormal phenomena.

Mark L. Cowden is an author, producer, anomalous adventurer, and TV personality. Being of Cherokee and Scots Irish decent, he has always had the belief that there is more to life and death on Planet Earth than meets the eye. Mark has been studying the supernatural in the UK, Ireland and beyond for over 20 years now and has featured on projects for the BBC, Discovery Networks UK, UKTV, Italia 1 in Italy and more. He's the author of “Spirit Voices/The First Live Conversation Between Worlds”, a book which documents Marks encounters with supernatural phenomena in the UK and Ireland. Mark founded Anomalous Planet out of a
passion to experience, investigate and report on anomalous phenomena across the planet.
A natural diviner, Mark is experienced in map dowsing and various other forms of divination. He has further studied divination systems through Harvard University and is certified in Ancient Egyptian Shamanism. He has decades of media production experience and regularly works as a producer, host and VO artist.

Mark now spends his time traveling the world to experience and investigate anomalous phenomena. Anomalous Planet expeditions range from Bigfoot Tracking to UFO Stakeouts, Phantom Big Cats to Anomalous Ancient Sites and anything else lurking in the unknown.


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