Nancy Tremaine

May 12th, 2021


"Enlightened: Chapters of My Life"


Fade To Black - Nancy Tremaine - May 12th.

Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: Nancy Tremaine is with us for the first time and we are going to talk about her life and new book: "Enlightened: Chapters of My Life".

Nancy is the middle of 5 children. She grew up in Novi, Michigan. Her father was a hydraulic engineer in the aerospace division of Vickers in Troy, Michigan.

In July of 1961 Nancy, her girlfriend Cindy, Cindy's father, neighbors, and 2 Novi, Michigan police officers watched as a UFO hovered above a tree against a clear blue sky. She was silenced and the incident was never mentioned by anyone for 50 years.

In September of 2011, Nancy and Cindy began to share their memories of that event and the former Police Chief Lee BeGole shared his memories of a military investigation. Many of these conversations were recorded.

Nancy has written two books chronicling her experiences. Grant Cameron published her first book, "Symbiosis: A Love Beyond Space and Time", and has written the foreword for her second book: "Enlightened: Chapters of My Life."

Her story is the basis of a Broadway style musical titled, "Hypnotta" which is being written by artist and playwright Doug Auld.

New Book:


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