Paul Hynek

June 17th, 2024


Aliens, DMT And AI


Fade To Black - Paul Hynek - June 17th

Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Paul Hynek will be discussing an array of fascinating topics, including aliens, DMT, Bitcoin, AI, and the quest for objective proof of supernatural encounters. Join us for a mind-expanding conversation that explores the intersection of technology, the paranormal, and the unknown.

Paul Hynek, Wharton MBA, is a Professor of Finance at Pepperdine University and a grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation.

He has an extensive background in the entertainment industry, having worked on major films and games such as Avatar and The Lord of the Rings, and played a key role in selling the company to James Cameron. Paul is also active in the fields of virtual and augmented reality, as well as blockchain technology.


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