Philip Kinsella

July 10th, 2023


Rendlesham And Beyond


Fade To Black - Philip Kinsella - July 10th


Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Philip Kinsella is here to discuss his book: ‘SKY CRASH: Throughout Time,’ Rendlesham and the theories surrounding the ET hypothesis.

Philip Kinsella is the author of numerous books on UFOs and the afterlife. He won the British Mediumship award in 2008 and went on to explore the fascinating subject of conscious survival beyond our material realm. He has appeared on national TV, and varied documentaries including Discovery Plus, and those created by EM Productions, among many others. Philip hosts a radio show, along with his identical twin brother, Ronald called ‘Twin Souls’ and which is also part of the Paranormal UK Radio Network. He also won an award for his dedication to the truth surrounding his UFO research, along with his brother. He has written articles and contributed to many other books from varied authors interested in UFO/alien research. He was also credited in 1996 for a theory surrounding the Greys, along with the abduction phenomenon published in the now out-of-print magazine ‘Alien Encounters.’ Philip is also proud to be working alongside some of the finest minds within UFO research, most notably those in the United States.


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