Fade To Black Presents OnStellar March 12th

Fade To Black Presents OnStellar

March 12th 2018




Tonight: Tonight we are announcing to the world, for the first time… a new online social platform… OnStellar.

This platform incorporates everything from other popular services… including the focus on mobile… while being completely focused on our community… all of it… from UFOs to Conspiracy, Consciousness and all of our lost History.

OnStellar is the first social platform to be based on the blockchain.

OnStellar will reward those who contribute, comment, create and post.

The platform will have it’s own ‘token’ economy… and for the first time our community will have a way to support those who have something to say, who have done the research… in the same way that our community has always looked to the future, OnStellar will prove to be one of the most visionary social platforms in history.

Our guests tonight are OnStellar CEO Scott Leslie, VP Desh Weragoda and Senior Advisor Steve Murillo.

Website: http://www.OnStellar.com

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  1. 5th June 2018 | abrahamlet says:
    Tuesday, June 5th, today, tried twice to get on tonight's bunkercam and both times I got last Tuesday's with Derrel Sims. Having internet probs?
  2. 18th May 2018 | mihaela says:
    Hi. Recently I decided to look up for more information about cbd oil. After I viewed sites on the matter I had a look on ancient life oil as well. There is a very intriguing information : that your government didn't alow/sustained this kind of research. Well the facts are not quite like that. Not only that in Europe you can finde scientific reference about us government paid research, but clinical as well. If you do a simple google search(us government research on cbd oil) you can finde lots of sites, including official ones. I'm not "attacking" your sponsor just that I don't like to be lied, and what they did it can be catalogue as deceiving publicity.
  3. 29th April 2018 | davidhpaul says:
    Hey maxcreel and abrahamlet, Back on the Onstellar website, there is a White Paper that answers all of your questions and more. You don't have to join to read it. It's a free PDF. So, if you are really serious about wanting to know how Onstellar is going to take over the social media landscape, you must be willing to READ. :)
  4. 16th March 2018 | maxcreel says:
    Same here. What is Ethyeium? Please help. Thanks
  5. 14th March 2018 | abrahamlet says:
    Maybe you can explain about going about opening an Ethyrium account because I have no idea how to go about that and am sure I'm not the only FaderNaught that doesn't!
  6. 14th March 2018 | abrahamlet says:
    Onstellar registration SNAFU 1 message Abraham KovlerAK 13 Mar 2018, 22:35 TO [email protected] FOLDER: Sent Dear webmaster, Because of tonight's program, March 13, 2018, I tried to register for Onstellar because Jimmy encouraged us All to strongly, but he failed to tell us that you need an Ethyrium account in order to do so. NOT only that, but say you are born in 1945, like I am, you have to use this EXCEEDINGLY TWIDDLY WHATCHAMACALLIT that forces you to tap once for each month starting with March, then going All the way back, month by month til you get to the previous year and then do that FRACKING TAPPING until the year before that, etcetera etcetera! Gawd, by next year I shall have succeeded to register. Why make this so damn TWIDDLY and hard? I am so disappointed because it sounded like such a promising program for me to create something on!!! Please help! Sincerely, AbraHamlet -- Sent from Yandex.Mail for mobile
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