Sev Tok

February 14th, 2024


A Life of ET Contact


Fade To Black - Sev Tok - February 14th


Tonight, Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: Sev Tok is with us to reveal her work as an Experiencer Advocate, ET Contact, the messages ETs give us to help save Humankind, the benefits of ET Contact, different types of Contact, how to initiate/maintain contact, the importance of your personal vibration when communicating with ETs/NHI, and her own personal life-changing Contact.

Sev Tok is a Speaker, Author, Experiencer, Ufologist, and Experiencer Advocate. Originally hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, Sev undertook a transformative journey by immigrating to the U.S. as a young girl. Starting first grade without knowing English, she later earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Loyola University.

In 2017, Sev relocated to the Inner Banks of North Carolina, where her life took a profound turn. She encountered Greys who left two red X marks burned into her back, marking a pivotal moment in her ET experiences. Although her contact with extraterrestrials began at the age of 10, Sev chose to keep it concealed until 2018 when she openly shared her story as a Speaker at AlienCon and through her book, "You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens," endorsed by the renowned UFO Researcher Kathleen Marden.

Fulfilling various roles within MUFON, including State Director for North Carolina, Field Investigator, and serving on the Executive Committee of the Experiencer Resource Team, Sev extends global support to others who have had similar experiences.

Sev is a sought-after speaker at conferences and interviews worldwide, appearing on platforms such as GaiaTV’s Beyond Belief with George Noory, ABCTV Nightline X, and the Canadian TV docuseries, "Encounter: UFO - Physical Contact," on T+ETV.

In a unique tribute, a planet and star system have been named after her in the STAR WARS Galactic System, known as the Sev Tok Star System and Planet, as documented in Wookieepedia. The Sev Tok planet is even referenced in an episode of Star Wars: Andor.


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