Tony And Cherie Rathman

March 2nd, 2022



Fade To Black - Tony And Cherie Rathman - March 2nd

Tonight, Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: Tony and Cherie Rathman are back with us for a night of Ghosthunting... and they are bringing a new collection of EVPs and tell us about their latest investigation!

Tony Rathman
Founder/Lead investigator Entity Voices Paranormal Investigation
EVP/ITC Specialist- prefers direct communication over other paranormal devices
Developer of the EVOX spirit box
12 years of paranormal investigation

Tony was a skeptic until his wife asked him to try paranormal investigation. The evidence we captured on the first attempt has lead me down the path of constant paranormal research!

Cherie Rathman
CO-Founder/Investigator Entity Voices
EVP specialist/
Preferred devices-- Photos and Mel Meter and digital recorder are her instruments of choice.
12 years of paranormal investigation
Cherie grew up in the Philippines and was surrounded by paranormal activity as a child, she grew up in a haunted house and was filed with stories upon stories of paranormal activities and spirits told to her from relatives.


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