Viviane Chauvet

March 26th, 2024


Our Galactic Origins


Fade To Black - Viviane Chauvet - March 26th


Tonight, Tuesday on FADE to BLACK: Viviane Chauvet is with us to discuss our Galactic Origins and the Rising of Starseeds!

Viviane Chauvet Arcturian Ambassador, Intergalactic Teacher, Published Author, International Speaker, Creator of the Arcturian Healing Arts Program and Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing®, Founder of the Universal Arcturian Online Community, CEO of Infinite Healing From The Stars LLC, Host of the Infinite Star Connections Podcast and the new radio show “Arcturian Conversations” on Soul News Network. Viviane Chauvet has conducted over 23,000 private sessions worldwide in the past 12 years.

Viviane is featured in the multi-award-winning j3FILM documentary “Extraordinary: The Revelation” and will be featured in an upcoming documentary based on Craig Campobasso’s book “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac.” Viviane has a collaborative book series available on Amazon. She offers meditation series, advanced interstellar teachings, Holographic Group Healing series, and exclusive memberships. Check out Viviane’s channel on the Conscious Awakening Network (CAN).


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