Whitley Strieber

January 23rd, 2024



Fade To Black - Whitley Strieber - January 23rd


Tonight, Tuesday on FADE to BLACK: Whitley Strieber is back to discuss Disclosure in 2024, his continuing journey seeking answers and what his next book is about...

Whitley is the author of over forty works of both fiction and nonfiction. His books The Wolfen, The Hunger, Communion, and The Coming Global Superstorm (as The Day After Tomorrow) were all made into feature films. His sci-fi series Alien Hunter became the SyFy Channel series Hunters.

In 1985, Whitley had a close encounter of the third kind. It led to the writing of the epic bestseller Communion that changed the way the world thinks about this enigmatic experience. When he eventually realized that the experience could not be attributed to known factors, he began making an effort to recontact what he calls “the visitors.” The response has been ongoing for the past thirty years, and has been chronicled in Communion, Transformation, Majestic, and now A New World. Many people have encountered the visitors with Whitley, placing it among the most witnessed paranormal events in history.

His website, unknowncountry.com, is among the largest in the world dealing with paranormal phenomena and his podcast, Dreamland, has been produced weekly for twenty years.

Website: https://www.unknowncountry.com/

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