Zenka Caro

October 23rd, 2023


How To Contact ET


Fade To Black - Zenka Caro - October 23rd


Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Zenka Caro joins us to talk about how to make ET Contact, how people do it, and how you can do it with technology like ham radios, theremins, tube TV’s and old cell phones. The cell phone apps take advantage of the accelerometer, GPS, temperature controls and EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) sensors.

Zenka Caro is the founder of LightNet - a collective intelligence think tank centered around consciousness. Caro is a pioneer in mind-over-matter consciousness research. She is an expert in spoon bending and electromagnetic radio ham radio contact with ET's and past loved ones. She is passionate about blending science and spirituality and has been working in frontier technology for over 20 years running software development companies and working in augmented reality. Caro loves strategic planning for our best future and is an inspirational speaker on the TEDx stage and beyond.


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