Fader Night – No More Fake News March 2nd

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  1. 27th February 2017 | chuck says:
    You have made it too difficult to sign up

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  • […] Jimmy Church nel programma “Fade to Black” , ha definito questo risultato “Il Santo Graal degli UFO che i ricercatori hanno cercato nel corso degli ultimi 40 anni”. Ha ricevuto la particolare immagine da un ricercatore UFO di nome Maxwell. Stupito da quello che stava vedendo, Church ha poi chiesto al grafico Dale Romero di indagare sul sito e catturare il maggior numero di immagini. […] Colossale Struttura sul fondale del Pacifico - studiaregliufo: on David Wilcock On Fade To Black Jan 4
  • Hi Jimmy, regarding Earthquake activity in Oklahoma and Pre -Earthquake WARNINGS, this is all explained by DUTCHSINSE. For example Oklahoma is the new Madrid due to all the Fracking Operations drilling into Mother Earth and blocking her normal flow of energy from the west coast earthquakes etc. Strange weather anomalies can be explained by Dane Wigington on geo-engineering. Com. I'm quite untechie but finally became a member which also allows me to send you this email. I'm a Shamanic Healer and Angelic USUI Reiki Master etc. And I have enjoyed your show for years. All the best Raven Marie Redfeather redfeather: on Laura Eisenhower On Fade To Black August 7th
  • Is the download link hidden? marsh: on Don Schmitt On Fade To Black August 2nd
  • I see this is a "FAKE" blog. Laughable how you censor rational thoughts! This is a joke! jwd3320: on Fader Night – No More Fake News – August 3rd
  • Awesome interview on C2C last night! I really enjoyed O'Toole's memories. Very believable personality. Loved it! jwd3320: on Fader Night – No More Fake News – July 27th

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