Fadernight – Open Lines

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  1. 27th August 2016 | Frieda in PA says:
    Tonight's Program was Stellar! (No Pun) Also, music choice Awesome!
  2. 27th August 2016 | Frieda in PA says:
    Sorry! Am Old & new to this!(smile)
  3. 27th August 2016 | Frieda in PA says:
    Thank You , both , sincerely for the quality program Tonight! It's Truly a Privilege.
  4. 26th August 2016 | Edward Kalaman says:
    thx John...Dali is my favourite and the sole reason why I draw the way I do ((very outside the box))...I invite you to peruse my artwork on my FB page, send me a friend request and I'll let you view something I call 'EYEdefined'...really enjoyed your artistic view point on reality!!...thx for what you do.
  5. 29th July 2016 | Mike A says:
    Please interview stan deyo about his latest discovery. Website listed for you regarding atlantis
  6. 29th July 2016 | Mike A says:
    Please interview stan deyo , standeyo.com about his latest discovery
  7. 21st June 2016 | Richard A James says:
    Bro, Not trying to scare you but have you recently had pain in your legs? I had a blood-clot that traveled into my lungs (pulmonary embolism) and the pain in my back between my shoulder blades was incredible! It could also go to your brain and cause a stroke! Be careful my friend. ... and I don't know why Rita hasn't contacted me. I told her I did audio at CITD (no, I did not do your show, that guy had a rubber ear!) and could possibly help you out next week.
  8. 30th April 2016 | Citrus says:
    I grew up with great american men, doing great things that went in history. America will never be forgotten, so please take it back, otherwise posterity will never forgive you! Greetings from Germany
  9. 3/27/2016 When the evolving cosmos gives birth to other Sons of Sons no human attempt to thwart the predestined objective can succeed aby more than the murder of the prior Son of heaven impede his repersonalized resurrection. Having been sent forth from The Eternalizing Sources, that majestic Son 'from above' informed those scheming his murder that they would not succeed in attempts to disconnect him from his eternal Source, and even though after the attempt failed as he'd forecast, now with images of the wooden -now decayed- instrument be reverenced world-wide by misguided 'folloers/ of that eventuated world Savior, He still lives as he will for billions upon billions more.

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