Gary Osborn On Fade To Black

June 22nd, 2020



Gary Osborn On Fade To Black June 22nd
Tonight, Gary Osborn joins us to talk about his research with the 'binary' number sequence that Jim Penniston recieved as a download during and after his encounter in the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Gary has written two books, co-authored with Philip Gardiner - The Serpent Grail in 2005 and The Shining Ones, 2006, and The Giza Prophecy with Scott Creighton in 2009.

He has written a series of articles for both Mindscape and Heretic Magazines of which he is a regular contributor, and also New Dawn magazine with Scott Creighton.

His current book is The Rendlesham Enigma, Book One: Timeline, co-authored with Jim Penniston.




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