Greg and Dana Newkirk On Fade To Black

December 9th, 2019




Greg and Dana Newkirk On Fade To Black December 9th
In 2012, Greg Newkirk received an email from a man calling himself David Christie, who claimed that he and his family were being terrorized by unearthly creatures by night. After exchanging emails, David disappeared. For the next five years, the case only got stranger, as more connections and mysterious emails came in. Then, in 2017, Greg and a team of researchers traveled to rural Kentucky, not knowing what they would uncover, or how deep they would discover the case might go.

​That was the premise of the first season of Hellier, a five-part documentary series, but the Hellier project didn't stop there. The team continued to research and explore, and the case only blossomed. After thousands of miles of driving, months of research and filming, Hellier returned in November 2019 with a full second season run, comprised of ten full-length episodes.

​Tonight, Greg and Dana Newkirk return to FADE to BLACK to discuss their journey of Hellier and how it has not only changed them, but their entire production team as well.


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