John Edmonds On Fade To Black Dec 9th

John Edmonds On Fade To Black

December 9th 2015


John is professional counselor and therapist with more then 25 years of professional practice working with many different populations including family counseling, addiction counseling, crisis , the severely mentally ill, forensic populations, and PTSD counseling to deal with Trauma, abduction, and PTSD.

John is the owner of StarDust Ranch home of Hopeful Hooves an equine rescue facility for abandoned, starving, or severely abused horses.
StarDust Ranch is located in Rainbow Valley Arizona, 35 miles south and west of Phoenix Arizona. For the last 19 years StarDust Ranch has been the location of many strange UFO and ET encounters.

Such events include many close encounters of the third kind with flying saucers, Black Triangles, Grey Alien beings. Video, Photos, alien artifacts, and blood and tissue samples have been collected and analyzed over a number of years as physical proof of the events as they occurred.


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  1. 6th March 2016 | George says:
    Been in desert mandatory for last about 7 years. Know the origin of your conflict. As I watched your story, became to me clear right away. Very best
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