Joseph P. Farrell On Fade To Black Mar 29th

Joseph P. Farrell On Fade To Black

March 29th 2016

The Breakaway Civilizations – Part II

Joseph P. Farrell is a recognized scholar whose credentials include a PhD in philosophy from the University of Oxford. His literary contribution is a veritable resume unto itself covering such fields as Nazi Germany, sacred literature, physics, finances, the Giza pyramids, and music theory. A renowned researcher with an eye to assimilate a tremendous amount of background material, Farrell is able to condense the best scholastic research in publication and draw insightful new conclusions on complex and controversial subjects.

His books include: The Giza Death Star, The Giza Death Star Deployed, Reich of the Black Sun, The Giza Death Star Destroyed, The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, The Cosmic War, Secrets of the Unified Field and The Philosophers’ Stone.


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