Karen A. Dahlman On Fade To Black

October 15th, 2020




Karen A. Dahlman On Fade To Black October 15th
Tonight, Karen A. Dahlman joins us for a Ouija session... with her partner, Rodney! Nothing like Ouija, October, and Halloween!

Karen A. Dahlman is a Director of the Talking Board Historical Society, a paranormal researcher and the author of The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication. As a leading Ouija practitioner, she has been using the Ouija board since 1973 with astounding results. Within her message, Karen shares the positive side to the Ouija board as a tool for exploring consciousness, which includes the afterlife, the highter self and sentient beings that exist among us within the unseen dimensions.

Karen holds a master's degree from the University of New Mexico in art psychotherapy, is a licensed counselor and is experienced in hypnosis, past life regression and channeling. She is the talk show host of Creative Visions TV and speaks and teaches at paranormal and spiritual conferences and events around the world.

Website: http://www.karenadahlman.com/


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