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Paul Andrews and Victoria GeVoian

On Fade To Black

May 11th 2016

Earth Files

Linda Moulton Howe SMJ
Linda Moulton Howe, is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter and author who goes directly to the men and women at the forefront of science and environmental challenges and to firsthand eyewitnesses of high strangeness.

Ms. Howe has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys and a national Emmy nomination.

Linda has traveled throughout the United States and Canada, Brazil, England, Norway, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Australia, Japan, Peru, Venezuela, Switzerland, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Mexico, the Yucatan, and Puerto Rico for research and productions.

She has been interviewed for a Larry King Live special about Area 51; Day & Date, CBS; Strange Universe, FOX; NBC’s The Other Side, Montel Williams; Britain’s Union Pictures and The Learning Channel; and for NBC’s, The Mysterious Origins of Man.


Paul Andrews and Victoria GeVoian

Contact In The Desert

Paul AndrewsVictoria GeVoian

Paul Andrews and Victoria GeVoian are the creators and vision behind Contact in the Desert... and tonight they will tell us the secrets behind CITD and why it has so quickly become one of the greatest and biggest events of the year... and what we can expect at the 2016 conference.

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