Michael Oeming On Fade To Black

November 5th, 2019



Michael Oeming On Fade To Black November 5th
Michael Oeming, one of the great comic illustrators and storytellers of our generation, joins us to talk about UFOs, Conspiracy, Lost History, Time Travel and the Paranormal and how he uses all of this for his work.

Oeming is a fan of ancient mythology, having written or drawn several projects centering on the Norse gods and fantasy including writing THOR: Ragnarok for Marvel, Red Sonja and his creator owned series Mice Templar, Hammer of the Gods and the After Realm. Best known for his work on POWERS with Brian Bendis, the team is retiring the series after celebrating 20 years of comics. Michael has worked with Jimmy Church on several projects from art to television shows and introduced Jimmy to Bryan Glass, the infamous "Frantic Area 51" caller.

Website: https://michaelavonoeming.com/


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