Mike Bara On Fade To Black June 20th

Mike Bara On Fade To Black

June 20th 2016

NASA and the Secret Space Program

Mike Bara SM
Mike Bara is a New York Times Bestselling author, lecturer and TV personality. He began his writing career after spending more than 25 years as an engineering consultant for major aerospace companies, where he was a card-carrying member of the Military/Industrial complex. A self-described “Born Again conspiracy theorist,” Mike’s first book Dark Mission-The Secret History of NASA (co-authored with Richard C. Hoagland) was a New York Times bestseller in 2007. His 2nd book, The Choice, was published in 2010.

In 2012, Mike published Ancient Aliens on the Moon from Adventures Unlimited Press. In 2013, Mike returned with Ancient Aliens on Mars, a new book from Adventures Unlimited Press which will look at the hidden history of Mars and the vast, ancient civilization which once flourished there.

His latest book is: Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies

Mike is a regular contributor to the History Channel programs Ancient Aliens and America’s Book of Secrets.

Website: http://mikebara.blogspot.com/
Twitter: @mikebara33

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  1. 27th June 2016 | JG says:
    You rock dude!
  2. 26th June 2016 | Martin Blaise says:
    So Mike thinks the Apollo 17 astronauts picked up "Data's Head" and that this was the whole point of the Apollo program? Well, look, Jimmy, here's a good quality image of Shorty crater, OK? [LINK REMOVED](Comments with links will either not be posted or have the link removed) Can you find the robot head? Do you think they could have descended into the crater and picked it up, even though no such descent was in the plan? Even though they were being reminded that they were behind schedule? Even though they had no tool large enough to grab it? Do you see a lot of other "mechanical debris"? Mike Bara is probably a nice enough guy to have a beer with, but his ideas are utter nonsense.
  3. 26th June 2016 | Chris says:
    Mike said that in orbit there's "very little gravity". He fails to understand that it is precisely gravity which allows orbits to happen. He's previously written (in The Cboice) that if he was in orbit around the Earth ... the influence of gravity would be so slight that he would be essentially weightless and float freely. Same mistake. I'd like to think this is because Mike has no skills or qualifications in this area, but nor do 7th grade schoolchildren and even they understand this. Regards, Chris

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