Nadine Lalich On Fade To Black

June 8th, 2020


Evolution - Coming To Terms With The ET Presence


Nadine Lalich On Fade To Black June 8th
Tonight our guest is Nadine Lalich and we'll be discussing her new book: 'Alien Experiences Book Two: Evolution, Coming to Terms with the ET Presence'.

Nadine entered the field of Ufology in 2004, to investigate a series of frightening experiences that had transpired the previous 13 years. The first event occurred in June of 1991 while she and a friend were camping in Sedona, Arizona.

Along with diverse legal experience, Nadine has been an avid researcher of a variety of subjects related to psychology, physical healing, personal and spiritual growth, and techniques for healing trauma and addiction.

Nadine has written two books: 'Evolution – Coming to Terms with the ET Presence', and 'Alien Experiences - 25 Cases of Close Encounter' (coauthored by psychotherapist Barbara Lamb). She is also the author and illustrator of the children’s book, 'Finding Happiness: A Magical Tale about the Power of Positive Thinking'.

Nadine appeared in the New Paradigm Films’ documentary, 'The Day Before Disclosure' and Discovery Channel’s 'Best Evidence'. She has been a guest on numerous radio shows and a featured speaker for various MUFON chapters. Her articles appear regularly in JAR Magazine Journal of Abduction Research.



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