Roswell UFO Festival LIVE Broadcast – July 1st

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Roswell UFO Festival LIVE Broadcast

July 1st 2016

Special LIVE Broadcast

roswell festival

Tune in for a LIVE Broadcast right from the Roswell UFO Festival.

Friday July1

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  1. 2nd July 2016 | Marilyn says:
    Jimmy, great to have you broadcasting live from Roswell. We would love to take you on a sky watching expedition tonight. Paula Schurle owner of Stadust Conferences has some good night vision equipment. She and Shelly just came from Contactbin the Desert and I understand you had quite the experience there :) We are just down the street from you tonight on Main Street above the Roswell Antique Mall . Besides running sky watching expeditions we also host Clifford Stone each year in our conference room upstairs. Can you join us for a sky watch? We have a great success record for bringing in the ships! :)
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