Scott Creighton On Fade To Black February 6th

Scott Creighton On Fade To Black

February 6th 2017

The Great Pyramid Hoax

Scott Creighton is an engineer whose extensive travels have allowed him to explore many of the world’s ancient sacred sites. The host of the Alternative Egyptology forum on, he lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

Tonight, Scott Creighton will reveal how the only hard evidence that dates the Great Pyramid–the quarry marks discovered by Colonel Vyse in 1837–was forged. Creighton’s study strikes down one of the most fundamental assertions of orthodox Egyptologists and reopens long-standing questions about the Great Pyramid’s true age, who really built it, and why.


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  1. 6th February 2017 | Linda says:
    Went to says he is on tonite...WASNT THERE---WHY???
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