Sha The Loon Witch On Fade To Black

October 31st 2018


Halloween Readings


Sha The Loon Witch On Fade To Black October 31st
Sha Blackburn is The LoonWitch, a New England native and internationally known psychic. She has been featured around the country on the radio offering on-air tarot readings and is known for her gentle and up-beat energy as well as her sometimes “scary” accuracy with her Tarot readings. She makes her home in Southeastern Massachusetts where she offers Tarot Readings, Rune Readings, Aura Photography, Crystal Readings, Crystal Healing, Reiki, NLP Sessions, Workshops and Village Witch Services. You can also find the LoonWitch at fairs and festivals around New England and the East Coast.

Tonight is our fifth annual call-in Halloween show … get ready for an amazing evening! Each year Sha answers around 100 calls in a back to back to back Tarot bonanza... it's fun, crazy and a blast to listen to! So, spend your Halloween with Sha as she takes your calls and gives you the answers that you seek!


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