The House Simulcast On Fade To Black

May 11th, 2020


Live-stream Simulcast


The House Simulcast On Fade To Black May 11th
The world is on lockdown. Most everyone is sheltering in place, left with no fresh content to watch and dying of boredom. Now, imagine being locked down, essentially trapped, in the WORLD’S MOST HAUNTED HOUSE…just you and your company - all the dead people!

Tonight we are simulcasting with The Dark Zone... and The House, hosted by Jimmy Church for TDZ and broadcasting on F2B.

“The House“ is a week-long immersive experience documenting the daily lives of Corey and Jennifer Heinzen, the current residents of the notorious haunted house made famous by the hit film, “The Conjuring;” and the Perron family. A little over a year ago the Heinzens moved into the house thinking they could handle whatever came their way; after all, they are paranormal investigators themselves. Almost immediately after the family moved in, paranormal activity reached a fevered pitch, and now they need your help to figure out what lurks in the house with them.



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