Adrian Vallera:

The Mass Meditation Initiative Washington, DC

November 1st 2018


The Mass Meditation Initiative


The Mass Meditation Initiative Washington, DC - November 1st
The Mass Meditation Initiative will take place on Sunday November 11th, 2018 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

It's a free annual conscious mass meditation, yoga, music and arts festival that will bring the community together with a global live stream mass meditation. This is a day filled with speakers, workshops, yoga, influential art, healing tents and vegan food to help promote a healthy lifestyle and live a pure enlightened life path.

Adrian Vallera is the co-founder of DisclosureFest and tonight we will discuss what mass-mediatation is and why Washington, DC is the next location for their event as well as bringing on guests Billy Carson, Clifford Mahooty, Dr. Michael Salla, Richard Yiap and Justin Deschamps to talk about their involvement in DisclosureFest.


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