Tom DeLonge On Fade To Black August 30th

Tom DeLonge On Fade To Black

August 30th 2016

Sekret Machines

Tom Delonge SM
Tom DeLonge is a musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and film producer. He is currently the guitarist and lead vocalist of the rock band Angels & Airwaves and was the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the American rock band Blink-182 from 1992 to 2015.

DeLonge wrote Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows, a 700-page novel he co-authored with professor A.J. Hartley. Though fictional, it’s written with information DeLonge says he gleaned from “sources within the aerospace industry and the Department of Defense and NASA.”

Chasing Shadows theorizes that alien technology not only exists, but that the government has known about it for decades and has even replicated some of it.

Tonight we will talk about Sekret Machines and his current project: Poet Anderson and we’ll even get to a little music for good measure.


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  1. 3rd September 2016 | Pisu says:
    I am afraid Tom may be a victim of a disinformation campaign. His unwillingness to even consider that possibility makes him a good mark. The black and white nature of his narrative; ufo's are bad; government is good; denying humanity the benefits of advanced technology, despite the fact that it furthers suffering, is necessary in order to protect the human race; etc. all rings rather loudly of an attempt to control a narrative which those in the know are well aware cannot be kept under wraps much longer. "If we can't keep it sekret much longer, then let's find someone believable to spin this as much in our favor as possible, while muddying the waters in such a way that makes the truth even more difficult to discern. This eager cult hero might be just the ticket." If Tom is not willing to entertain this as a possible scenario, he may well be falling victim to that which many before him, even those with decades more experience in following this twisted and foggy trail, have mistakenly accepted. And if he doesn't consider the possibility that those who are upset with what he knows and want to know his sources are part of the scam, he should, because these ruses can be every bit as complicated as the narrative he is being given.
  2. 30th August 2016 | Traci Christy says:
    ...oh, and please go back on tour with AVA. :)
  3. 30th August 2016 | Traci Christy says:
    I'm so excited for this!
  4. 30th August 2016 | Taylor says:
    Cant wait!!!
  5. 30th August 2016 | Ricky Rose says:
    Isn't Tom Delong's message disclosure? I mean plain and simple, disclosure.
  6. 30th August 2016 | Tanner Wood says:
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