UFO Hangar Door Discovered on Top Of Mt. Adams at ECETI Ranch?


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Press Release:

UFO Hangar Door Discovered on Top Of Mt. Adams at ECETI Ranch?

By: Jimmy Church




An extremely large opening appeared on top of Mt. Adams, Friday, June 30th, 2017 during the early afternoon around 1pm PST.

When we arrived at ECETI Ranch, in Trout Lake, Washington on Thursday, June 29th, we photographed Mt. Adams many times... the mountain dominates the view from the ECETI Ranch and we wanted to capture the moment...and after reviewing our images from Thursday, clearly the 'opening' was not there in any of the frames that were captured on any camera or phone.

The next day (Friday) I was out shooting video and describing the previous night's events...the group at ECETI (including myself) witnessed a large gray orb appear from behind some trees about 400 yards away and I wanted to capture the scene on video.

After I shot the video I walked back to the observation area when John Esch approached me and said that he had found 'something' on the mountain...and he wanted me to take a look...he described it as a 'large door'... and as I looked through his binoculars, I saw exactly what he was describing: A large, rectangular opening was indeed now on top of Mt. Adams.

I immediately looked at my images that I had taken the day before and the opening was NOT there.

We proceeded to watch the face of Mt. Adams until nightfall... and the opening never changed... we wanted to see if it was some type of shadow that might change over time...and it did not.

We photographed it for the next four days...from the early morning until late evening...it was always there and did not morph or disappear.

Over the entire weekend we watched lights all around the mountain, in the skies above us, on the mountain itself and through the trees at the base of Mt. Adams.

We also photographed many daylight objects... one craft was shot directly to the left and slightly about the door.

The reports of a 'hangar' door on Mt. Adams have circulated for many years, evading the chance to be caught on camera... but now it has been captured in images by multiple witnesses at the same time over many days in a row.

Is this a hangar door used by ET and their craft? Is this just a natural cave? We don't know...but that is not what is most important...what is important is that it is there and we have something to investigate... and it has been captured with photographs and video and there are over 100 witnesses.

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