Whitley Strieber On Fade To Black February 1st

Whitley Strieber On Fade To Black

February 1st 2017

Unknown Country

Whitley Strieber is the author of the Communion series of books and many novels ranging from the Wolfen and the Hunger to the Grays and his exciting new Alien Hunter series. Communion, the Wolfen, the Hunger and Superstorm have all been made into movies, Superstorm as the Day After Tomorrow.

Whitley is a Texan, and The Secret School has been listed by Texas Monthly among the top 10 books written by Texans. Alien Hunter has been made into TV series by the SyFy Channel. It’s called Hunters and airs starting April 11, 2016. The Grays is being made into a film.

Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained is Whitley’s latest book, on sale from February 2, 2016. This book, written with Professor Jeffrey Kripal, redefines the meaning of the close encounter and UFO phenomena and has been called “the most important book on the paranormal in 40 years” by author Gary Jansen. He will publish Alien Hunter 3: the White House in the April of 2016.

Tonight we are going to cover Whitley’s Journal…and also if there is more to the Communion events that he has not spoken about…and we are going to see if we can get some of his private experiences out that he has never shared…

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  1. 30th January 2017 | Patricia P Tursi says:
    Dylan's comment on the chrome ball which had two sphere's rotating in opposite directions, this is an anti-gravity mechanism. I believe it was developed in Germany and reportedly first with Die Glocke (the Bell). Victor Schauberger may have developed the concept.
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