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  1. 4th June 2015 | kjax53 says:
    After listening to the show last night and digesting what I heard I'm in utter disbelief. I'm guessing Jimmy's performance was toned down for this airing publicly, but hope he is enough of a friend to tell these two 'researchers' privately that they are delusional. Kerry and Schmitt came across as arrogant and unapologetic for the debacle. They lay the blame for the whole episode on everyone but themselves and still pathetically hold hope that their case will be vindicated. They seemed genuinely puzzled why the US media ignored this case as if they still believe it is credible evidence. They whined about how they've been attacked by their fellow researchers unfairly even as their critics predictions of the outcome has been proved 100% correct. They feel their research is solid and they are just presenting the opinions of 'expert' scientists who claim the body is 'not human'. Their photo experts seem to be nothing more than a collection of 'friends of my brother in law's sister ' and believe there has to be something funny going on since they couldn't deblur the photo. I found it difficult to listen to this whole episode. I am telling myself that Jimmy just ran out of time because normally he would ask the questions that need to be asked like 'how many people paid for the live stream and where did that money go?' Why do (and did) the other 99.9% of the public following this saga believe that the photo shows 'the mummified body of a two year old boy'? Why do they claim someone else coined the phrase 'Roswell slides' yet cling to the 1947 date as significant? I could go on and on. There are times the host needs to stand up for his audience. I guess I will be renewing my subscription to Coast.
  2. 8th June 2015 | MB81 says:
    I hear ya Kjax but you have to remember these shows are for entertainment and to make money. Same as Scmidt and Kerry. Where do you think the money went? The gate and PPV revenues paid for the venue, production and the speakers. They are all working together. If Jimmy, George or Art were taking their guests or topics seriously, or really wanted "the truth", they'd have to hang up on 90% of these "experts" within the first 30 seconds of their BS stories. It's all a work man, just enjoy the tall tales.

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