Anaiis Salles On Fade To Black February 15th

Anaiis Salles On Fade To Black

February 15th 2017

Earth 2.0

Anaiis Salles is engaging deeper and direct communion with our Mother Planet. She experiences Gaia giving birth to 5D Earth as a reality here and now.

Through Rise and on her own website, Anaiis has developed online educational environments focused on replicating her multidimensional skills for all who feel called to co-create the New Earth with Gaia.

One of her practical tools explains the Mandela effect, and how we can consciously quantum jump into multidimensional shifts through which rebirth ourselves in alignment with our planet’s transformation. One by one, two-by-two, we are liberated from the heart/mind/body/soul suppression of the control grid.

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  1. 25th February 2017 | Dogwash says:
    Anaiis was brilliant, she's a highly insightful & empowered healer - we can all learn a lot from her - interesting to hear her talk of timelines as I have just started utilising future timelines in my healing practise
  2. 16th February 2017 | Patricia O'Donnell says:
    Wait what? Why?
  3. 15th February 2017 | Anastacia says:
    Joan such troll behavior. Jimmy can discern for himself And so can the rest of us here. The right use of free will, always welcome.
  4. 14th February 2017 | Joan says:
    Watch who you invite on your show.! 2/15 is not what she seems
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