Cyd Rice On Fade To Black September 13th

Cyd Rice On Fade To Black

September 13th 2016

Legacy Of The Ages

Cyd Rice is the author of The Legacy of the Ages series which includes Foundations Volumes One and Two…and Awakening Volumes One thru Six and is also the author of The Key, a non-fiction work on the Bible and Astrology.

The Legacy works are probably the most detailed accounts of the history of us and our planet…Earth…starting 4.5 billion years ago and continuing through to today.

Everything is presented in a true linear form…with all names, dates, events and notes based on the facts as we know them…and is without a doubt, the most exhaustive and complete history of everything that has ever been done.

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  1. 13th September 2016 | Denise Sherman says:
    Im ready for another great show, let's do this!
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