Daniel P. Sheehan On Fade To Black

January 21st, 2020



Daniel P. Sheehan On Fade To Black January 21st
Tonight, our guest is Daniel Sheehan and we are going to discuss 2020 and the current state of Disclosure... and what the position is with Washington DC, the Pentagon and the Vatican concerning ET and what they really know but are not telling us.

Daniel Sheehan, JD, is a graduate of Harvard Law School, a former Director of the Christic Institute, and is a Professor of World Politics at the University of California. He is the General Counsel and Co-Director for the Institute for Cooperation in Space. Mr. Sheehan also has a long and distinguished history as public interest counsel, and was legal counsel in the Pentagon Papers case, the Iran-Contra, Three Mile Island, and Karen Silkwood cases, as well as many other high profile cases. Dan shares the responsibility for formulation of a new world view integrating into all of the classical fields of human knowledge the now virtually universally accepted FACT of the existence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence in our Universe and the growing accepted fact that representatives of one or more of these extraterrestrial civilizations are presently visiting our planet and interacting with members of our species.

Website: https://romeroinstitute.org/

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