Laird Scranton Dec 10th


Laird Scranton is an independent researcher of ancient cosmology and language. His studies in comparative cosmology have served help synchronize aspects of ancient African, Egyptian, Vedic, Chinese, Polynesian and other world cosmologies, and have led to an alternate approach to reading Egyptian hieroglyphic words. His degree is in English from Vassar College.
He became interested in Dogon mythology and symbolism in the early 1990s. He has studied ancient myth, language, and cosmology since 1997 and has been a lecturer at Colgate University. He also appears in John Anthony West’s Magical Egypt DVD series. He lives in Albany, New York. His writings include books and articles published or taught by Colgate University, Temple University and the University of Chicago.

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  1. 11th December 2014 | IFS says:
    Listened to a good hour or so of it last night -- GREAT interview, although there were a LOT of cut-outs and ended up missing some good chunks of the conversation.
  2. 11th December 2014 | Method says:
    Listening right now and this show blows me away. Laird is the perfect guest. Thanks Jimmy & Rita.
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