Debbie Felton

July 17th, 2023


Killer Fairy Tales


Fade To Black - Debbie Felton - July 17th


Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Debbie Felton joins us to take us back in time to discuss her research on serial killers, fairy tales, and ghosts in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Debbie Felton is Professor of Classics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she specializes in folklore in the ancient world, especially all things supernatural and monstrous. Her books include Haunted Greece and Rome: Ghost Stories from Classical Antiquity and Monsters and Monarchs: Serial Killers in Classical Myth and History. Professor Felton enjoys bringing research on classical antiquity into the public sphere, and interviews about her work have appeared in various media (newspapers, radio, tv, blogs, podcasts) in the U.S. and Europe, including Peopling the Past, Coast to Coast AM, The Monster Professor, Weird Tales, CBS Mornings, Classical Wisdom, New Books Network, and Ancient History Fangirl.


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