Dolly Safran

February 19th, 2024


Fully Conscious Contact


Fade To Black - Dolly Safran - February 19th


Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Dolly Safran joins us and she will discuss what she calls her "Fully Conscious" contactee experiences with ET.

Dolly Safran embarked on her life's odyssey as a generational contactee, inheriting a legacy from her father, an Airborne Ranger in the US Army, who had been a contactee since childhood. Growing up presented challenges as Dolly experienced mysterious disappearances from her home, psychic phenomena, and the presence of unseen friends that caused anxiety for her mother. Until the age of 14, Dolly's memories remained elusive, with strange occurrences unfolding without a clear connection to reality. It required a significant effort to ensure her conscious recall remained intact.

Upon gaining awareness, Dolly found purpose in her life journey. Her path led her to nursing initially, followed by roles as a civilian worker in the US Department of the Treasury and a Department of Defense employee in the Army. Unexpected twists altered these trajectories, leading her to embrace a fulfilling role as a zookeeper and Animal Baby Momma at a private zoo and sanctuary in Florida. Throughout these transformations, Dolly found herself being taught by and collaborating with extraterrestrial beings.

Driven by a sense of urgency, Dolly has now chosen to break her silence, making it imperative for her to share her unique experiences and insights with the world.


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