Dr. Matthew Johnson

September 8th, 2021



Fade To Black - Dr. Matthew Johnson - September 8th.

Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: Dr. Matthew Johnson joins us for the first time to discuss his book: "Bigfoot: A Fifty-Year Journey Come Full Circle" and what he has discovered about the reality of the phenomenon.

In July 2000, Dr. Johnson and his family encountered a Bigfoot on the mountain above the Oregon Caves National Park. Since then, he's spent 21 years pursuing the Bigfoot Forest People with persistence and relentless commitment. He transitioned from an aggressive "old school" paparazzi money shot researcher, to a habituator, and on to an interactionist.

Dr. Matthew A. Johnson is a licensed clinical psychologist. His end goal is to eliminate the social taboo that forbids people from talking about Sasquatch and the associated social stigma which labels people as "crazy" if they actually go public with their report.

Book: https://www.amazon.com/BIGFOOT-fifty-year-journey-come-circle/dp/1594337047


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