Elisabeth Hoekstra

March 21st, 2022


Bio-Hack Your Life!


Fade To Black - Elisabeth Hoekstra - March 21st

Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Elisabeth Hoekstra is finally here on F2B for the first time and we are going to talk about her new best-selling book: "The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness".

Elisabeth's first career was in the entertainment industry. Starting at a young age as a model and actress on nationally syndicated television programs, movies, music videos, and magazines, which continued to expand while she attended Davenport College for business management and marketing administration.

Elisabeth received her real estate license in 2017 and has also contributed significantly to several charities, focusing her efforts on children’s health and education, both through hosting fundraisers and parlaying her political connections into advocacy.

Throughout her various careers, she has seen how stress can take its toll on people’s physical well-being, leading to her most recent professional engagement. Elisabeth is founder of Bio-Hack Your Best Life and the Director of Operations for 4BiddenKnowledge.


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