Ismael Perez

February 14th, 2023


Our Cosmic Origin


Fade To Black - Ismael Perez - February 14th


Tonight, Tuesday on FADE to BLACK: Ismael Perez joins us for the first time and we are going to discuss: 'Our Cosmic Origin' and take a deep dive into the Multiverse!

Ismael is an awakened star seed with memories of an ancient galactic war that took place in our galaxy and has been getting downloads about galactic and cosmic intel for many years now.

He is the author of 'Our Cosmic Origin', In this book, he proposes the idea that mankind’s origin was cosmic and galactic revealing a higher cosmology involving the existence of endless worlds and other universes. He believes himself to be one of many many cosmic ambassadors that have incarnated at this time to help restore the earth in its rightful place in the galactic and cosmic community.

Amazon: Book - Our Cosmic Origin

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