John Milor

April 4th, 2024


ETs In Ancient Literature


Fade To Black - John Milor - April 4th


Tonight, Thursday on FADE to BLACK: John Milor will be discussing the evidence of ETs in ancient literature spanning the globe, and the potential of their return to society in the future, as prophesied by Jesus.

John Milor is an author of 13 published books, and is known for his pioneer research in the field of Christian Ufology – a combination of ancient astronaut theory and end-times prophecy.

John has been a paranormal researcher for over 30 years. Milor’s interest in understanding the paranormal began at 5 years old after he heard his great grandmother's tale of seeing a UFO over 100 years ago.

Milor’s latest book, Christian Ufology, was featured in the New York Times. Milor draws from an extensive academic background with two Associate degrees, a Bachelor, two Master degrees, and advanced military education. Milor began his military career as an Active Duty Army Infantry M-60 gunner during the Panamanian Conflict in 1990, and retired as the Chief of Cyber Operations for the US Western Air Defense Sector in 2021.


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