Jonny Enoch

October 25th, 2023


Egypt And Time


Fade To Black - Jonny Enoch - October 25th


Tonight, Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: Jonny Enoch is back with us after his recent trip to Egypt... and tonight we are going to talk about Egypt and Time... Get Ready!

Jonny Enoch is an author, researcher of prehistoric civilizations and a futurist that explores mysteries around the world. He is the host of popular TV shows like Gaia’s Mystery Teachings, the Odyssey of Enoch and featured on Deep Space, Ancient Civilizations and the Travel Channel’s Alaska Triangle. Jonny frequently takes expeditions to remote parts of the world to track down experts and crawl on his hands and knees under ancient temples searching for clues about our past. He has also used clinical hypnotherapy to work with ET contactees and do past life regressions. What makes his work different is how he connects the dots between the hidden symbolism found in world religions to quantum physics, alchemy and the multiverse.


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