Mark Leslie

October 30th, 2023


Leo King Halloween!


Fade To Black - Mark Leslie - October 30th


Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Mark Leslie joins us to discuss his research and writing about haunted locations and eerie unexplainable phenomena. How sometimes that research can inspire creepy fiction... and sharing some of these stories tonight on Halloween Eve!

Mark Leslie would be the first person to admit he's still afraid of the monster under his bed. That might be why most of his books explore the darker side. In addition to penning a series of true ghostly tales such as SPOOKY SUDBURY, HAUNTED HOSPITALS and TOMES OF TERROR), he has written a few horror titles (I, DEATH, ONE HAND SCREAMING, and NOCTURNAL SCREAMS), is the editor of the horror anthologies CAMPUS CHILLS, FEEL THE FEAR, and SUPERNATURAL, and is the author of the humorous urban fantasy action/adventure 'Canadian Werewolf" series.


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