Melissa Tittle

September 22nd, 2023



Fade To Black - Melissa Tittl - September 22nd


Tonight, Friday on FADE to BLACK: Melissa Tittle joins us to talk about the Peru Mummies that were recently revealed in Mexico City... she was the first researcher to cover them back in 2018 and she has very unique insight and knowledge of every angle to their discovery and alleged authenticity.

For more than a decade, Melissa has been developing and producing motion pictures and television. Her particular expertise is to create narrative stories around non-fiction subjects.

Currently, Melissa is the Creative CEO for Hathor Studios. Hathor Studios specializes in Films, TV shows and short form content about meditation, human potential, aliens, sci fi and ancient civilizations and much more. Formally, she served as Head of Content and Development Gaia TV.
Melissa has produced and written TV shows for several major networks, such as Chelsea Does, Escaping the Prophet, Ancient Aliens, The Universe and Hangar One. She was an assistant to the Head of Production at Paramount Studios, assigned to such features as Star Trek, Cloverfield and Mission Impossible 2.

A member of the Producer's Guild of America, Melissa is also a member of Women In Film and the International Documentary Association. Melissa graduated with a degree in TV and Film from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.

Melissa directed "The Black Knight Satellite" for Billy Carson's 4Biddenknowledge and is also working on multiple TV productions for Carson's network.


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