Serena DC

October 2nd, 2023


New Film Premiere!


Fade To Black - Serena DC - October 2nd


Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Serena DC joins us for the premiere of her new film: "We Are Not Alone". It's premiering today! It includes yours truly, Jaques Valle, Danny Sheenan, Paola Harris, Adam Curry, and Andrea Perron!

Serena is the internationally recognized TV Star,Writer, Director and Executive Producer who created the feature film "My Transparent Life" which is nominated this year for the Emmy Award for Best Documentary as well as the films "Contact - The CE-5 Experience"starring Dr. Steven Greer, We Are Not Alone, the highly publicized and controversial talk series "Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DC" which is now its 2nd season & the reality series “Dream Life" which is currently airing on worldwide on Amazon & Pluto TV.

A member of the prestigious Television Academy, Serena has worked in front & behind the camera for the last 7 years & is best known for her starring roles in the a fore mentioned film & TV series as well as her breakout starring role in the Channel 7 & Netflix hit reality series "Instant Hotel".

In 2023 Serena will also be seen starring in the feature films Beyond The Grave & We Are Not Alone, released in September,The Marfa Lights in October, Interview with an Extraterrestrial & Shadow Figure Forest in November and Pornpreneur in December, making her one of the active actresses in Hollywood! Not only this but her new reality series"Life Unfiltered" is set to hit the small screen, premiering worldwide on Amazon & Pluto TV in October!


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