Timothy Hogan

October 16th, 2023


Alchemy Today


Fade To Black - Timothy Hogan - October 16th


Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Timothy Hogan joins us to discuss how the same alchemical terms and techniques can be found among ancient cultures all over the ancient world, suggesting that the science was inherited by them or given to them.

Timothy Hogan is an author and international lecturer who specializes in cross cultural symbolism. He is a Past Master within several different spiritual and initiatic traditions, including many bodies in Freemasonry and of Rosicrucian lineages. He is the current Grand Master for the Order of the Temple of Secret Initiates (a Knight Templar lineage), and he runs the Templar Collegia associated with it. Timothy Hogan has lectured all over the world in both public and private venues, including several Universities and U.S. Embassies, and he has appeared on numerous television and podcast programs world wide. He has likewise done Track II diplomacy in many countries. He is author of The Alchemical Keys to Masonic Ritual; The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon; Revelation of the Holy Grail (written under the pen name of Chevalier Emerys); Entering the Chain of Union; Novo Clavis Esoterika; The Way of the Templar; Thoughts from Meditations; and Elements of the Elements, and numerous periodicals.


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