Viviane Chauvet

September 20th, 2021


Advanced Archturian Hybrid


Fade To Black - Viviane Chauvet - September 20th

Monday on FADE to BLACK: Viviane Chauvet joins us for the first time to discuss the film: "Extraordinary: The Revelations" and the message that she shares today for our future world.

Viviane Chauvet is internationally recognized for her inspirational life journey as an advanced Arcturian hybrid and trans voice channel. Viviane's healing practice and teachings inspire people to live in Universal Oneness. Her training includes holographic frequency healing, QHHT, and other healing modalities. She serves as a galactic ambassador and Arcturus high priestess. Viviane contributed to j3FILM award-winning second documentary, Extraordinary: The Seeding, as a hybrid consultant. Today, Viviane features in their third documentary, Extraordinary: the Revelations, that will publicly releases in November. Viviane is the owner of "Infinite Healing from the Stars" and the producer and co-host of "The Infinite Star Connections" podcast. Her first book "Wisdom of the Silver Sisters - Guiding Grace" was recently published on Amazon. It is a fantastic collection of 45 chapters written by wonderful fellow authors.



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