Fader Night

November 5th 2020

Fadernight - Open Lines November 5th

It's Fadernight!


YOUR calls, YOUR thoughts, YOUR voice.


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Tonight is FADERNIGHT... on a Thursday that is following the election and we are going to have open-lines all night long!

Your calls, your conversation... which is usually about UFOs, Conspiracy, the Paranormal and Supernatural, Time Travel and Lost History, Music, Guitars, Food, and Entertainment... but tonight is not just any other night.

Here at Fade to Black, we do not 'screen' our calls, we do not censure, this is always about you, our audience, and what YOU want to talk about. This is one of the great evenings in all of talk radio and you have made it special.

All we ask is that you remain calm and respect others... this is what this great country is all about... and tonight we'll listen you your voice.

Website: https://jimmychurchradio.com

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