Jason Louv On Fade To Black

May 9th 2018


Author, Futurist, Wizard


Jason Louv On Fade To Black May 9th
Jason Louv is the author of eight books, including John Dee and the Empire of Angels, Generation Hex, and Thee Psychick Bible. As a journalist, he has covered surveillance, international trade and the dark side of technology for VICE News, Boing Boing, Motherboard and many more. As a futurist and strategist, Jason has worked on Buzz Aldrin’s international campaign to colonize Mars, Google's artificial intelligence program, and in many more strange and wonderful places. He lives in Los Angeles.

John Dee and the Empire of Angels: https://www.johndee007.com
Personal site: https://jasonlouv.com/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jasonlouv
Free class on magick: https://free.magick.me/offer


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