Jim Marrs On Fade To Black September 21st

Jim Marrs On Fade To Black

September 21st 2016

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Jim Marrs is a native of Fort Worth, Texas and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from the University of North Texas in 1966 and attended Graduate School at Texas Tech in Lubbock for two years more. He has worked for several Texas newspapers, including the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where beginning in 1968 he served as police reporter and general assignments reporter covering stories locally, in Europe and the Middle East. After a leave of absence to serve with a Fourth Army intelligence unit during the Vietnam War, he became military and aerospace writer for the newspaper and an investigative reporter. Since 1980, Mr. Marrs has been a free-lance writer, author and public relations consultant.

Mr. Marrs has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, the Discovery, Learning and History Channels, This Morning America, Geraldo, Montel Williams, Today, Tech TV and Larry King.

He is the author of many books, including: Alien Agenda, Rule by Secrecy, The War on Freedom, The Rise of the Fourth Reich, Above Top Secret and his current release is Population Control.

Website: www.jimmarrs.com

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  1. 22nd September 2016 | Brad says:
    Whats the haps brah. Jims coverage was great. Shout to Rita and the faders and fadets.

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